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Guyson Peening abrasive line
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Guyson Peening abrasive line

Guyson Peening abrasive line
Product Code: RC800
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Price: $12,000.00

Cost more than 70K new
This Unit is great condition with very little use, unit is already dismantled, most parts are already on skids and ready to ship. Purchased new and delivered 1999 or 2000

Abrasive Blasting Roller conveyor system

Guyson Corporation has introduced an automated blast machine for in-line surface preparation of long profiles, rod, bar and tube materials. See Actual pictures and Catalog picture above for complete unit.

The Model RC-800 roller conveyor blast system can be used with a wide variety of grit, shot and bead media to produce different surface textures or finishes.

Powered rubber rollers at the entry and exit sides of the blast cabinet are fitted with spring-loaded tension rollers to grasp the work and steadily feed it at controlled and adjustable speed. Inside the finishing enclosure, up to eight suction-blast guns are rigidly locked in fixed position on multi-adjustable brackets to provide uniform 360-degree coverage. The guns can, alternatively, be arranged to selectively target certain areas of the work, for instance, to prepare specific features for bonding or cementing operations.

The interior of the cabinet is made with vestibules on both sides that house the synchronized drive roller mechanism. These separate chambers are sealed by rubber flaps and brushes to isolate the drives from the abrasive blasting media, as well as to help prevent the escape of media or dust into the work environment and to reduce the operating noise level of the automated blasting system.

The Model RC-800 can be supplied with external roller conveyors, either on the entry side to aid in feeding the work or at the exit to accumulate finished pieces. Maximum feed rates vary according to the material and the type of surface treatment. The new model machine is recommended for processing sections that are at least six feet in length. To blast shorter sections, special adaptations are required, with more powered rollers spaced closer together.

When the processing specifications require the highest degree of consistency in technical surface preparation, for instance, when a specific roughness must be produced prior to a critical coating, the Model RC-800 can be supplied with an enhanced media reclamation system. In addition to a high-performance cyclone separator, the precision reclaim may include a vibratory screen classifier to maintain the tightest possible control over shot or grit particle sizing. Numerous electronic sensor options are available for monitoring and control.

Abrasion resistance features of the system include bonded rubber lining of the blast cabinet and cyclone, cast urethane ducting to the media reclaimer, boron carbide-lined nozzles and an inner anti-frost window sealed in a quick-change frame.

Will load the truck and ship anywhere.

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